September 25, 2012

Wisconsin senator Jon Erpenbach tweets Roger Goodell's office number

It appears that Wisconsin democratic senator Jon Erpenbach wasn't too pleased with the NFL replacement referees final call of the Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers Hail Mary.

Earlier tonight, he sent out this tweet:

(Courtesy of Jon Erpenbach Twitter)

By Ben Chew with 5 comments


I saw this and called RG's off ice and left my message, I am 71 years old a huge football fan all of my life but after last nights game from the first minute to the last second the incompetence of the refs I will not watch another game until the real refs are back oh and by the way no I am not a GB fan so it is not personal
Bill Cullens

These replacement ref's have made far too many mistakes.If the NFL can't settle the strike with the regular ref's they need to cancel the rest of the season.The call that was made last night in the Green Bay game was unexcuseable.Seattle you didn't win that game it was stolen from Green bay.It's evident that these stupid ref's have no idea what they are doing.

I cannot believe these refs will ever be in any NFL game again. With so many poor calls you cannot excuse their incompetence.It is equally disturbing that Seattle thinks they made the correct calls. Roger Goodell needs to apologize to GB and end this strike or resign.

I'm a lifelong Vikings fan. I even called Rog to tell him what I thought and would encourage others to do the same!

I don't think state senators should be able to do anything about what happens in the NFL.. quit crying and suck it up

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