October 31, 2012

Best NFL-related Halloween costume: blind NFL replacement ref with Golden Tate (Picture)

Okay, the two people would came up with this Monday Night Football-inspired costume deserves a round of applause from the Internet.

Good job, sirs.....that costume should win any costume contest that comes your way tonight....

(Courtesy of Busted Coverage)

By Ben Chew with 1 comment


I am Monica Anaya(not a sir) and I am responsible for this idea!! I am dressed as Golden Tate and my Fiance Jaron Keller is the blind ref. He made this costume for us. Everthing except my jersey and the NFL stickers were bought at thrift shops. He transformed the helmets from a fastpitch softball batters helmet and a toddlers bike helmet all of this the day before Saturday's Halloween parties. I'm super glad everyone liked this as much as we enjoyed doing it.

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