October 04, 2012

St. Louis Rams Danny Amendola throws helmet against wall after injury (Video)

When football players get injured, they let you know when they are in pain. During Thursday night's St. Louis Rams/Arizona Cardinals game, wide receiver Danny Amendola injured his shoulder in the second quarter after diving for a reception.

As Amendola was being taken off the field, he was noticeably in pain and while on his way to the locker room, he chucked his helmet against a wall at the Edward Jones Dome rather angrily:

(Courtesy of Bleacher Report)

By Ben Chew with 2 comments


Another player who thinks he's entitled. Damage property and have someone else get your helmet.

Can't blame the guy for being frustrated. He missed most of last year because of an injury, now he'll miss a few weeks again this year.

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