November 09, 2012

NY Giants WR Hakeem Nicks, "Stats is for girls"

In the realm of sports, statistics usually only tell half the story and you can understand why some professional athletes would be irritated when their statistics are brought up to define them as players.

New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks hasn't had a great season due to foot and ankle injuries which has caused him to only compile 27 receptions on the year.

During a recent interview, Nicks revealed his thoughts on his current numbers:
“Stats is for girls. It’s football, man,” Nicks said. “The season is going to be up and down. It’s about how you ride the wave and if you let it affect you. I know I’m a great football player, and we’re ready to make this run after the bye week.”
As you may figure, a Giants publicist had to clean up the language and explain what Nicks meant:
Nicks' words initially sounded somewhat boorish -- even bordering on sexist -- but as a Giants spokesman explained, the fourth-year pro wasn't putting anyone down.

Apparently what Nicks was implying -- according to the Giants spokesman -- was that statistics are for impressing girls. In other words, he's not concerned with his numbers, because numbers are just for showing off. The job is about winning, Nicks says.


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