November 07, 2012

High school football player does Cam Newton "Superman" celebration, gets ejected

Personally, I've always been a fan of letting high school football players celebrate their accomplishments on the field but it appears that one football player in North Carolina got in trouble for doing a Cam Newton celebration.

The player in question is West Mecklenburg quarterback Jalan McClendon who celebrated a touchdown in a playoff game with the "Superman" dance and was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct.

It turns out that McClendon under N.C. High School Athletic Association rules could have faced a two-game suspension if he had been flagged for taunting. West Mecklenburg head coach Jeff Caldwell told his thoughts to the Charlotte Observer over the incident:
“It's a good learning experience for him,” Caldwell said. “With him being in the position he's in, he should know better. He's a young kid. My kids have never been in a situation like this before. (West Mecklenburg upset Hough 45-10 for the school's first playoff win since 1989.) I'm just happy for Jalan and that it came out all right.

“I'm glad he wasn't severely punished for something where he was just having fun. He's not the taunting type. At Tennessee (team camp) this summer, they were always asking ‘Why don't you get excited?' 
(Courtesy of Eye on Football)

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