November 01, 2012

Packers fans can now buy a Cheesehead bed (Picture)

Thinking of a gift for that Green Bay Packers fan in your life? Well, all you need to do is buy them the Cheesehead bed.

A company called Verlo Mattress Factory have created a cheesehead bed for the Packers fan that wants to sleep on something that looks like a block of cheese.

The mattress doesn't have a set price since it is a novelty item of sorts. The price is dependent on how the Packers do during a specific week in the 2012 NFL season. For example, Packers win during a week, it is only $599 and if they lose, it is $799.

Some of you are probably asking what does it look like, below is a picture of the mattress courtesy of With Leather:

Verlo is currently holding a Facebook contest to win a Cheesehead mattress and if you are the lucky winner, it will be personally delivered to your home by former Packers safety Leroy Butler.

By Ben Chew with No comments


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