December 26, 2012

Carlton Fisk might have been robbed by house squatters

We've posted some pretty interesting stories this year here on Outside the Boxscore but this might be our first robbery story involving a Hall-Of-Fame baseball player and house squatters.

Former Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox catcher Carlton Fisk was robbed back on Friday and the only thing that the robbers appeared to have taken were thousands of dollars worth of coins.

The folks over at Sarasota Herald-Tribune have the 4-1-1 on the robbery:
“All they took was the coins, there were other things that they didn't take that were of value,” said sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow. The silver coins were worth thousands of dollars; no baseball memorabilia or other valuable items in the home were taken.

Since no other items were stolen, the Sheriff's Office is considering that the house was not a “random” target, but the burglar knew the coins were there.

Bristow said he does not know how often the Fisks are at the home, but they had been out of town for about a week. The home was burglarized while they were gone.
The story then gets amazingly awesome as the robbery report was filed by a pest control worker who noticed that something fishy was going on:
Michael McClain, who runs Pest Control by Mike Inc., arrived to take care of routine pest control at the home Thursday. 

“I noticed that back door was taken off the hinges,” McClain said. “I immediately called the home owners and the Sheriff's Office.” McClain said the break-in looked like it might have been squatters.

“There was nobody there at the time, but it looked like they had been helping themselves to the home and facilities,” McClain said. McClain has been taking care of the pest control at the home for about five years, and said he knew Fisk, but did not know he was a Hall of Fame catcher.
At first, I was going to give Pest Mike a pass since he probably didn't know about Fisk's background but seriously dude...five years and you had no clue he was a famous baseball player?

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