December 02, 2012

Virginia Chevy dealership could give away free cars if Redskins shut out Giants

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we've featured a couple stories of car dealerships promising rebates or free cars if a certain NFL team shuts out another.

The latest dealership to jump on that train is Lindsay Woodbridge Chevrolet in Alexandria, Virginia and if the Redskins shut-out the Giants this weekend, a free car could be yours:
It’s the first time that we’re doing it,” Coslyn Ceballos, Lindsay Chevy’s general sales manager, told me on Thursday. “Our general manager is a Redskins fan, and the majority of our sales team are Redskins fans. We were saying, you know, what are the chances of the Redskins making something like that happen? People play the lottery all the time. The chances of hitting the lottery are, what, 1 in 175 million? But it’s fun, and it can happen, and if it did, why not make it interesting?

“That’s where it started, and from there, it was let’s do it. A lot of customers have been calling about it. They can’t believe it — what’s the gimmick, what’s the catch? It’s real simple. There’s no catch. If it happens, free car.”
Although there isn't a catch per se, you have buy the car before the Giants/Redskins game on Monday night and the odds that the Redskins shut-out the Giants are pretty slim.

(Courtesy of DC Sports Bog)

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