January 01, 2013

Heather Cox gets denied interview with Stanford coach David Shaw, drops "Are You Kidding?" (Video)

As the Stanford Cardinals collected a 20-14 Rose Bowl victory over the Wisconsin Badgers, ESPN sideline reporter Heather Cox tried to track down Stanford head coach David Shaw after the win.

Before she started the interview, Shaw told her that he needed to go to the trophy presentation being set up on the field.

As Heather attempted to quickly finish the interview, Shaw was ushered away to the presentation stage and away from her.

After sending it back to the booth of Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger, she says "Are you kidding" that was accidentally picked up by the microphone she was holding:

By Ben Chew with 9 comments


He forgot that ESPN was doing the trophy ceremony, and would just send his ignorant a$$ back to do the after game interview.
Typical reaction from a black guy who thinks the world owes him. He showed his true color!!!
No Class, what so ever from shaw.

You have no business being part of the human race, you jacka$$

Unfortunately, this is the typical attitude given of dismissiveness to the woman. The treatment of women in all areas professionally has been deteriorating since it has become acceptable for Congress and State Legislators to openly disrespect women. In that moment, he had no one to remind him that she was not just "a woman," but that SHE WAS ESPN. Oh, how different he would have treated her if a handler had reminded him to be nice because she had the power of ESPN behind her -- or if she was a man. Had she been a male reporter, his natural tendency would have been to assume she was important so he best treat her well.

This is typical of that kind. He will be so arrogant until his entitlement check is eliminated.The POS should have never been a coach in the first place and now he thinks he is SOMETHING

Its business with your racist a#$$!

What a typical redneck comment, actually, u showed ur true color

He DID come back and do the interview. These schedules are handled by press people/handlers, who if you'd watched it, you could tell were politely moving him toward trophy presentation.

This woman has never played a down of football! She is not knowlegeable, but yet thinks her interview comes before the coaches responsibilities. I have a bone to pick with any network that uses women reporters or for calling a football game. They ask questions that really aren't pertinent to the game. They ask "feeling" questions. Come on. Put the games broadcast in the hands of men.

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