February 02, 2013

49ers TE Vernon Davis on Mike Singletary, "I wished I thanked him for my benching"

Back in the year of 2008, the San Francisco 49ers looked to be far from the Super Bowl and San Francisco 49ers tight-end Vernon Davis was feuding with then-head coach Mike Singletary.

After Singletary had pulled him from a game against the Seattle Seahawks, Davis and Singletary got into an argument on the sidelines and caused the below infamous rant from Mike:

Flash forward five years to now, Davis is playing the Super Bowl and he recently revealed that he never got a chance to take Mike for helping him right his career:
“I remember the very first time he kicked me off the field,” Davis said. “Tears were shed. I told him, ‘I want to be traded Coach. He said, ‘OK. I’ll find another team for you.’ That moment, it started to click for me.

“It made me a better man, a better teammate and a better leader for my team. It helped me become the player I am today.”

Davis wishes he had thanked his former coach.

“I never really had an opportunity to tell him how much it meant to me,” Davis said. “By the time I looked up, he was gone. That fast. I am very grateful.”
Whatever 49ers fans think of Mike Singletary, they have to be grateful that he kept Davis in the Bay Area.

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