February 10, 2013

Dick Vitale defends Manti Te'o, "It was a cruel hoax..he's a good kid"

One of the most exciting men's college basketball games of this year was played last night when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat the Louisville Cardinals in 5 OT's.

Before the start of the game, former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was shown in attendance and ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale calling the game came out in favor Manti:
"Tell you what, he went through an unbelievable scene there. A cruel hoax, I mean a cruel hoax on the young guy. I'm so happy to hear he wasn't part of the hoax. He made a few mistakes along the way but he's a young kid and you move on, you move on with your life. Down deep, everybody I talked to said he's really a good kid." 
Good to see that Dickie V is on "Team Manti" and hopefully, we all learned something from the "Fake Girlfriend" situation.

(Courtesy of USA Today)

By Ben Chew with No comments


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