February 20, 2013

New York high school hockey team forfeits playoff game due to "Harlem Shake" video

To continue with our "Harlem Shake" theme this week on Outside the Boxscore, we have this version done by a high school hockey team in New York.

The video was done by a group of 16/17-year olds on the Nyack-Tappan Zee High School co-op hockey team and overall, it looked pretty harmless:

However, the fine folks over at Sports Grid have informed us that the team forfeited their opening round Section I playoff game against Lakeland-Panas and while no reason was given, some of the players speculated that the video was the reason why:
“We were forfeited from playoffs for a borderline inappropriate video in the locker room of Harlem shake,” Ice Hawks senior forward Corey Aronson tweeted on Friday to a friend."
While the playoff forfeit seemed a bit harsh, I can understand why the parents/adults decided to pull the team from the game.

It looks like another meme has ruined lives....

By Ben Chew with No comments


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