February 15, 2013

Russian basketball coach Gundars Vetra gets pass from own player, attempts to record first-ever coach assist (video)

In the heat of a professional basketball game, players can make dumb decisions and one basketball player in Russia decided to hit his coach for an assist opportunity.

During a Russian Professional Basketball game between Spartak Primorye and Unics Kazan, Spartak's Troy Gillenwater (who played at New Mexico State from 2008-11) accidentally thought that head coach Gundars Vetra was an open Spartak player and delivered a bullet pass to him.

To give Gundars credit, he did his best to try to keep the ball in play (in case, the referees didn't notice) as he found Spartak sharp-shooter Aleksei Golyakhov for an open three-pointer that Aleskei drained:

Sadly for Gundars, the referees did notice and the basket was called off. For those of you wondering, Vetra did play in the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1992 and averaged 0.5 assists in thirteen games with the T'Wolves.

By Ben Chew with No comments


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