April 11, 2013

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was sent a package with a goat head in it

In terms of curses in professional sports, there are few more well known than the Chicago Cubs "Curse of The Billy Goat".

Back on Wednesday, a package was found addressed to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and the contents of the below package was symbolic of that famous curse:
An "intimidating package" containing a severed goat's head was delivered to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts Wednesday afternoon, officials say. 
MyFoxChicago.com reports staff at Wrigley Field found the box outside the stadium and called police. 
"Tom Ricketts never saw the package," a Cubs spokesperson said in a statement. "Cubs security obviously took it very seriously. They turned it over to police." 
Whether this was a sacrificial omen or just a cruel joke, it appears that the curse is still alive and well.

By Ben Chew with No comments


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