April 21, 2013

Joe Flacco helps out at Baltimore Dairy Queen, confuses customer order (Photo)

Back on Friday, Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Joe Flacco decided to see what it was like as an average joe as he spent time working at a local Dairy Queen.

USA Today's Robert Klemko was on the scene and detailed a rather forgettable moment that Flacco had while screwing up a customers order:

He botched an order -- handing out chicken fingers to a customer who ordered burgers -- and the 6-foot-5 quarterback nearly bumped his head on the menu above the cash register.
"Definitely not my thing," he told USA TODAY Sports. "I would not be very good. If you were ordering sundaes from me and I was the one making them, you wouldn't be very happy with Dairy Queen. Thank God that's not the case."
Below is a photo of Joe working behind the line:

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