April 29, 2013

Sun Sports reporter Kelly Nash takes self-photo, nearly gets hit by ball (Photo)

We've posted some pretty amazing sports-related photos over the years but this image captured by Sun Sports reporter Kelly Nash might be the most amazing and horrifying image.

To note, there is no photoshop used in this image and the shear amazement that Kelly wasn't hurt is beyond my belief:

Nash (who is the Tampa Bay Rays reporter for Sun Sports) decided to go out on the Green Monster seats at Fenway Park to shoot during batting practice. That's when she decided to take her self-portait with her phone and well, let's let Kelly tell the rest of the story:
Nash noted that her producer had called out "heads up!" a few times as home run balls rained down around her. "But none of those balls actually fell close to me," Nash said, "so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture." Once she looked at it, she realized just how close she'd come to getting beaned.
A Twitter footnote: apparently, Nash brought a copy of Angels in the Outfield with her and maybe, an angel was actually looking over her on this day.

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