May 23, 2013

Plaxico Burress launches his own line luxury socks

For those of you wondering what former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress is up to these days, it appears that he is getting into the luxury sock business.

Burress who has lent his name to a brand new luxury hosiery business called "The Buress Collection" and the fine folks over at New York Times have the full details:

The hosiery will retail for $24 or more a pair, and will be released to retail next month. To help promote the line, Burress has made the usual news media rounds and started a Twitter account, @PlaxicosSocks, which he uses to crowd source queries like: “I think I may have to design a special pair of Limited Edition Black and Gold sock. What do you think?” 
When asked about football matters Friday, Burress, a former Jets and Giants player, responded, “I’m only here to talk about socks.” He was quick to dispel the notion that he thinks socks are somehow beneath him, and said if people were surprised by his initial foray into the world of fashion, well, there’s a good reason for that. 
“I’ve been planning my sock line from behind the scenes for a couple of years; nobody even knew I was doing it,” said Burress, excited to talk about colorful socks instead of colorful former coaches. “So it’s a lot of hard work that got me to this point.”
Personally, I'm excited to see if he comes out with a line of sweatpants....

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