May 13, 2013

Ron Jaworski offers Tim Tebow a chance to play with Philadelphia Soul

In the last three years, Arena Football has seen some major changes happen to the league and it appears that Philadelphia Soul co-owner Ron Jaworski might put forth the biggest change of all.

The ESPN analyst has offered Tim Tebow a possible job with the organization as a player to be used in certain situations according to Pro Football Talk:

He told the Philadelphia Daily News that he and Soul coach Clint Dolezal sent Tebow a list of plays that they would want to use him on, most of which occur near the end zone, but that Dan Raudabaugh would remain the team’s starting quarterback. Jaworski also shared why he believed playing arena football would help Tebow. 
“One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical,” Jaworski said. “He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It’s about processing information and getting the ball out … or you get whacked.”

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