May 06, 2013

White House petition asks Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow

As you might figure since the Jacksonville Jaguars are still searching for their starting quarterback, many fans are calling for the team to sign that guy named Tim Tebow.

Jaguar fans have gotten so irritated with Jacksonville general manager David Caldwell resistance to the idea that they decided to petition President Obama to make the team sign Tebow.

The petition which was up for only a couple days at the "We The People" website had this for the description:
Jacksonville Jaguars fans want the team to sign recently released QB Tim Tebow. However, rookie general manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars David Caldwell is blocking this from happening. If the Jaguars sign & START Tebow, home games will be sold out, sales will spike, the team will win and the fans will be happy.Mr. Caldwell is ignoring lots of facts about the misunderstood Tim Tebow while in Denver: Passer rating of 125.6 is highest ever in Broncos postseason history. Most yards per completion (31.6) in NFL playoff history.100.5 QB rating is best ever for a Broncos QB in his first start.Third most passing yards in a game by a Bronco rookie QB. (308, in his 2nd start), First 15+ point comeback in the final 3 minutes of an NFL game since the merger,7 game winning drives in just 16 games!
Just when you thought we got rid of Tebow time....

(Courtesy of  CBS Sports)

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