June 13, 2013

Colts QB Andrew Luck wears goofy bucket hat at charity softball game

For some reason, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is a goofy-looking dude and last night, he made an appearance at the Indiana Children's Wish Fund at Victory Field for a charity softball game.

Check out the below photo of him looking goofy in a bucket hat courtesy of Fox-59 Sports Anchor Chris Hagan:

By Ben Chew with 5 comments


Im pretty sure Luck has no plans to impress you...he can wear whatever he wants...when he wants...wherever he wants...as far as being a goofy looking dude/ you sir are a douche! Go Colts

Luck is, as crazy as it sounds underrated. They say Capernick, Griffin III, Wilson, Newton and Dalton are better QBs. I for one think not. You will see sir that the man you once referred to as "goofy" will be the best out of all of these players, barring injury of course. The Colts organization is quietly building the monster around young Luck. You look at the facts, what QB did more with less. This goofy looking bastard will reign atop the NFL for years to come... You Bitch.

Yup AFC ProBowl hat............

it's good to see a person of his status trying to fit into the worlds of others...I would love to been able to hang out with him.... being that out would have been a kids event I'm sure that I would have done the same thing...he's a lot younger than most of us I wouldn't expect nothing different... he's his own man.

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