September 25, 2013

Rex Ryan forces New York Jets to relive their high school pushup nightmares

Remember high school gym class? Remember how if you failed to pay attention or if you spoke out of turn, your gym coach would tell you to get down on the ground and do 10 pushups. If you acted out a lot, there’s a good chance you were pretty humiliated quite often. But you also probably ended the year with a massive chest and decent guns. Well, according to the guys in the know at the New York Jets are about to relive high school all over again.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be forcing everyone on the team to drop and do 10 pushups each time a penalty is called during practice. That doesn’t just apply to players. You can expect to see coaches and even Jets owner Woody Johnson down on the ground.

Coach Ryan implemented the pushup practice throughout the 2010 NFL season. He hasn’t made it a part of every season since, but he probably should have. Here’s why.

The Jets finished the 2010 season with an 11-5 record, winning the Wild Card playoff match to the Colts, taking the divisional playoffs against the Chargers, and dropping the Conference finals in a close 24-19 matchup.

Then the pushups ended. In 2011, we saw the Jets finish with an evenly split 8-8 season. And last year? Jets fans were hit with a disappointing 6-10 season. Clearly it’s time to bring pushups back into the mix.

This isn’t about making chests and arms stronger. It’s about giving players a reason to mentally focus on not committing penalties. That’s a big part of the Jets practice regimen. In fact, New York employs actual NFL officials during practice to help call plays and game situations—a tactic designed to help the Jets simulate game-day action.

That said, if the refs are forced to drop down and give ‘em 10, they might be reluctant to actually call any penalties whatsoever. After all, Rex Ryan did say everyone would have to drop to the field.

Here’s hoping that the pushups don’t extend to game day—and that fans in the stands aren’t forced to work out, too.

(Rex Ryan image courtesy of Getty Images)

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