September 26, 2013

Telepathic football: Dwight Yorke & Andy Cole vs. Wayne Rooney, Danny Wellbeck and Javier Hernandez

One of the more interesting football videos of recent times is the Telepathic Football one produced by sports betting giants Bwin. This film pitches the two striking stars from Manchester United’s legendary 1999 Treble Team – Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole – against Wayne Rooney, Danny Wellbeck and Javier Hernandez of the current side in an unusual challenge. In the video Cole and Yorke discuss the amazing striking chemistry they possessed at their peak, and challenge the current stars to undertake various challenges. These include head tennis, keepie-up, crossing and shooting, while they are all blindfolded.

Obviously Yorke and Cole take the test as well, and pass with flying colours – hence the Telepathic Football title – but would you put a bet on the present strikers showing a similar heightened level of football understanding? Well if you did, you might be out of pocket right now, as for much of the time the three 2013 stars struggle. At one point Rooney seems genuinely annoyed as he and Wellbeck fail at the cross and shoot challenge, and are met with laughter from Cole and Yorke. This will be fascinating for those currently following the Rooney transfer saga from a betting perspective.

Indeed recent months have seen both Rooney and Hernandez linked with a move away from the Red Devils, with Robin Van Persie having eclipsed them as the star striker at Old Trafford since his arrival at the club. These rumours make it hard to watch this enjoyable bwin football video without also speculating on what is going on behind the scenes. The debate and sports betting over whether they will stay or go is likely to continue – with the next transfer window scheduled for January. We should be wary of over-interpreting the film, but then looking for clues in the unlikeliest places is all part of the fun of betting on football and other sports.

By Ben Chew with No comments


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