October 14, 2009

Michelle Beadle of the 90's, Rodeo Sideline Reporter

Alright, I figure that most of you have figured out that I have almost sold my soul to ESPN Sportsnation or at least become a big enough shill to warrant attention from them.

However if people want more clips of co-host Michelle Beadle, I am much obliged to give them what they want.

Here is a clip from Monday's show where they were talking about NFL throwback jerseys. I still do not know how they got from throwbacks to Michelle Beadle of the 90's but I guess they do not really need a good reason.

Yep, Michelle did work for PBR (that's short-form for Professional Bull Riders) as a sideline reporter and the clips I believe are from the early to mid 90's coverage by CBS. Seriously, remember when everyone in Texas wore nothing but denim? Beadle was clearly getting ready to go to a line dance somewhere near Laredo.

I will say though, Beadle's hair back then still rocked and honestly it looks like something Jennifer Aniston had the second week of the first season of Friends.

By Ben Chew with 1 comment




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